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Elite Appraisal Management, Inc.

House and Shed At Elite Appraisal Management, Inc., a nationwide real estate appraisal management company, we have highly competent and experienced appraisers throughout the entire United States. All of our appraisers are licensed and carry Errors and Omissions insurance.

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Easy-to-use and efficient, our system allows you to place an order 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from any web browser. As a member client, you can log in for up-to-the second status information on your orders. Additionally, our convenient e-mail delivery option is a fast and free alternative to costly shipping methods.

All appraisals are all reviewed prior to electronic delivery, assuring you that the appraisal you receive is top-quality.

Elite Appraisal Management, Inc. is based on quality and service, which is why we are certain you don't want to miss the opportunity to add us to your team of professionals and form a great working relationship.

If Elite Appraisal Management, Inc. is not on your approved appraiser list, please contact our operations department at

       Residential appraisal services and forms:


If you have any questions or concerns or are unsure what form you will need, please do not hesitate to give us a call! 


Elite Appraisal Management Inc. is not responsible for any appraisal report's content. Each State licensing requires that the appraiser that signs the report be the responsible party for the appraisal report contents. 

Thank you for your time and we look forward to being able to meet all of your appraisal requirements throughout the United States.

Elite Appraisal Management, Inc.



Elite’s AMC State License numbers listed below:


Florida = MC81

Illinois = 558000034

Indiana = AMC 1100035

Michigan = 1202000054

Missouri = 2013036041

Pennsylvania = AMC000068

Virginia = 4009000024


In addition to those listed above, we also service the following states:






New Jersey

New York

North Dakota


Rhode Island

South Carolina