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Appraiser Employment

At Elite Appraisal Management, Inc., we make every effort to provide our clients with appraisal services in a timely, professional, and efficient manner. We expect experienced real estate appraisers who are familiar with the area. You will benefit from us marketing to lenders across the country and providing appraisal assignments within your area. You may specify your workload and when you are available for assignments. You are in control of your time as needed for vacation or just down time. We provide you with:


These days, more and more real estate appraisers find themselves doing business with appraisal management companies. The residential real estate appraiser who accepts appraisal assignments from mortgage brokers and lenders, and is not already dependent on an appraisal management company for some percentage of their business, is quickly becoming the exception in the appraisal profession. The most recent lender loss prevention and appraisal ordering guidelines indicate that the use of these management companies will continue to become more widespread for the forseeable future.

At Elite Appraisal Management, the entire order process is administered through this website. Appraisers have no direct contact with loan officers. There is not lender pressure, and none of the hassles typically associated with overly demanding clients.

Elite Appraisal Management is staffed by experts trained in the appraisal process. An experienced, professional, Certified Residential Appraiser is always available (during office hours) and ready to respond to any situation that requires a higher level of expertise.

The Elite Appraisal Management staff can resolve many issues with little or no involvement from the appraiser. Elite Appraisal Management eliminates the all too common demands from inexperienced or unethical loan officers that put the appraiser in the position of having to violate the Home Valuation Code of Conduct (HVCC) & Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) or risk losing a client. 

As a professional appraiser you are undoubtedly aware that most appraisers must devote a significant percentage of their time to collecting payment from clients who do not wish to pay for the services they have ordered. This takes away from productive appraisal assignments. The costs of bounced checks and credit card processing fees, as well as the ever increasing marketing time and expense it takes to maintain market share in a crowded profession, are making it more and more difficult for many appraisers to earn a comfortable living. Elite Appraisal Management offers a flexible way to supplement the income from their appraisal practice without expense or risk. Elite Appraisal can be a useful source of extra work during slow periods, to help keep idle staff occupied, or perhaps as a source of work for the appraiser just starting their own professional practice. Elite Appraisal Management provides guaranteed, timely payment and a competitive fee schedule. Our forumla is simple: you provide high quality real estate appraisals in a timely and professional manner and we pay you for those services.


Requirements for approval as an Elite Appraisal Management appraiser:

Provide a list of any lender(s) that you have been removed from. If you have been removed from a lender's acceptable appraisers list and/or placed on a "do not use" list, and have not notified us before accepting the assignment, Elite Appraisal Management will not be responsible for compensation, since we would have to reassign the order to a different approved appraiser and compensate them.




Additional Requirements:


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