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Elite Appraisal Management Inc.

Elite Appraisal Management Inc. provides a team of experienced staff which inherits the hassles surrounding the appraisal process. Our utilization of superior technology enables us to provide you with unparalleled service while controlling costs. Our appraisal management methods streamline the appraisal protocol, reducing many of the manual tasks and complexities typically associated with the layered appraisal process. By ordering your appraisals through Elite Appraisal Management, you can now concentrate your full efforts towards other processing and revenue generating endeavors. Our appraisal reports are prepared with the precision that the industry demands, featuring detailed service level agreements as well as all major property types. We offer a variety of conventional appraisal products for the following scenarios, however not limited to:

As a function of your Elite Appraisal Management service, you will be informed, via email status notifications, during each step of the appraisal procedure. In addition, our quality control department will "proof" your appraisal product before final delivery. Appraisal reports are delivered digitally through a variety of formats including, but not limited to, EDI, XML, PDF and AI Ready. By delivering your appraisal electronically, we eliminate the cost and time loss of shipping -ensuring that you'll receive your appraisal the same day it was completed. Elite also has the capability to deliver the appraisals to the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac UCDP (uniform collateral data portal) website on behalf of our clients.

Elite Appraisal Management has partnered with top accredited appraisers nationwide to offer timely appraisals for your personal, legal and mortgage needs. The Elite Appraisal Management Panel of Appraisers are experienced professionals, deemed qualified through a rigorous panel selection process. Communication flow between our Appraiser Panel is constant, so we can easily address any needed underwriting addendums and additional analysis or explanation -even after the appraisal has been delivered. Elite Appraisal Management works diligently with our Appraiser Panel to remain compliant with industry standards and regulations, with special emphasis on appraisal review and quality control.

In today's changing real estate market there are many options for your appraisal needs, but service and compliance are what make Elite Appraisal Management the clear-cut choice over other appraisal management companies. Too often other service providers deliver a rushed and haphazard product. Elite Appraisal Management is different. We pride ourselves on getting your appraisal scheduled, completed and delivered, within your timeline, and without compromising the quality of your appraisal product.

Here are a few more reasons why Elite Appraisal Management is the best choice for your appraisal needs.

Below are some further reasons it is good idea to have a strong and compliant AMC on your team:

Lenders outsource these services (appraisal process) for three reasons. First, it helps reduce fraud between the lender's salespeople and the appraiser, thus reducing losses while pleasing the regulators. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac recently implemented new rules regarding this which some say favors outsourcing to AMCs. Secondly, it saves the bank/lender money. Lenders have high overhead and cannot compete with the efficiencies AMCs offer. Finally, some lenders are subscribing to vender management because of federal RESPA laws. RESPA, in part, is designed to protect consumers from fee gouging. Lenders must account for closing cost fees charged to customers. It is hard for them to define and recoup all of these costs. Collectively these issues cause banks to outsource their appraisals. It is easy to explain to regulators, it protects their bottom line and it frees management to do what they do best, make loans.Finally, there can be no question that AMCs offer by far the best possible solution to deter mortgage fraud. The true separation of the lending and appraisal processes can only be accomplished in this manner. Separating these processes removes most of the opportunity and temptation for participants to become involved in collusion, which is the root of most valuation fraud cases. AMCs also represent our best option for holding down mortgage fee cost to consumers and encouraging competition among appraisers.

In these trying economic times given the mortgage crisis and the economic meltdown, AMCs represent a bright ray of positive direction for the mortgage industry.

Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to read over some of Elites material. We look forward to hearing from you and your company in the future. Please feel free to contact any of our friendly staff with any questions, concerns, and orders.

Charles Ware
Elite Appraisal Management, INC.
248-360-0200 / Toll Free 877-360-1776
Fax: 248-363-5266

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