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FHA Compliance

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FHA's regulations require that appraisers cannot be affiliated with lending agencies and also requires appraisers to have familiarity, experience, and knowledge in the geographic location of the properties being appraised. In addition, the new regulations will impose changes in FHA case number procurement and management.

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Elite Appraisal Management Inc. is a Nationwide FHA Appraisal Management Firm, having one of the most current FHA approved appraiser databases. Along with the assurance that your FHA appraisal order will be in full compliance with the new regulations, Elite provides a Certificate of Compliance with every delivered appraisal.

The appraiser and lender will negotiate the price and due date. This includes fees for canceled assignments, missed appointments, etc. Collection of unpaid fees is the responsibility of the appraiser. The Department expects lenders to promptly pay appraisers for work completed.

Fee is paid for market value opinions based on HUD policy and procedure. Fees are never contingent upon the appraiser arriving at a predetermined specific value, a predetermined minimum value, a range or direction in value, a value that favors the cause of any party, or the attainment of a specific result or occurrence of a specific subsequent event such as loan approval.

Appraisal Management Firms may charge the mortgagor a fee for the appraisal that may encompass fees for services performed by the firm as well as fees for the appraisal itself. However, the total of these fees is limited to the customary and reasonable fee for an appraisal in the market area where the appraisal is performed. Compliance with all aspects of RESPA is required While the owners/operators of such Appraisal Management firms may be licensed, the appraiser actually performing the FHA appraisal must be on HUD's approved Roster. No "supervisory" appraisals will be accepted. That is, the assigned licensed/approved appraiser must visit the subject and all comparable sales and complete the appraisal analysis. If any portion of the work involves assistance from others, the appraiser must summarize the extent of that assistance including providing the name (s) of those providing assistance. Appraisal trainees are not eligible to perform nor sign a FHA appraisal report.

An appraisal management company (AMC) is a business entity that - for a management fee - administers a network of certified and licensed appraisers to fulfill real estate appraisal assignments on behalf of mortgage lending institutions. The AMC recruits, qualifies, verifies licensure, and negotiates fees and service level requirements with a network of 3rd party appraisers. Services typically include appraisal ordering and assignment, tracking and delivery, record retention and often include appraisal review and other quality control measures.

An appraisal management company, therefore, is an outsourcing action or solution that is paid by a lender-client to act on the lender/client's behalf to engage real estate appraisers and to perform the administrative functions involved in the appraisal ordering, tracking, and delivery process.

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