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Property Tax Appraisals to Appeal Tax Assessed Value

The declining real estate market and lower real estate values have resulted in millions of properties where the assessed value exceeds current market value. Many Counties, Cities, and Townships are reducing tax values by a very small percentage, where in many locations values have dropped, some as high as 70% or more. You need to act now before missing the dates for property tax appeal. It may be next year before you will be able to file. This could cost you thousands of dollars!

If the assessed value exceeds what the property would easily sell for you should file an appeal. The property might be affected by external, functional, or physical obsolescence in value caused by many factors. Our experienced appraisers are trained to identify and adjust for these factors within the appraisal report. Declining prices and market conditions, detrimental conditions, and obsolescence are all considered in the final estimate of value. Note that "assesed value", "state equalized value", "homestead", etc. definitions vary throughout the country. Please contact your local assessor for your correct definition.

Pay lower property taxes by getting help from our expert appraisers in property tax reduction.

The property assessment appeals board operates under the presumption that the County Assessor is correct in their assessment of your property. In addition, many times the board of appeals is made up of at least one former or active real estate appraiser.

You must provide substantial evidence (an appraisal) to support your real property assessment appeal claim. As appraisal experts we are qualified to provide you with a well researched and documented appraisal of your property. In addition, our appraisers are the most qualified to question the appraisal methodology used by the Assessor in determining the assessed value of your property.

An experienced appraiser can determine if the appraisal by the county assessor is in compliance with current appraisal methodology and assessment practices as defined by the Assessment Appeals Manual. The key to challenging your real property assessment is to provide well documented "evidence" you need to be able to refute inaccurate technical valuation claims that may be made by the assessor. An appraisal by an experienced appraiser can provide the documented "evidence" you need in challenging your property tax assessment.

Most States require that the assessed value is within a small percentage of true market value. Check your States websites for more details. Also check your States Board of Assessors guidelines.

Most municipalities in the United States rely upon property taxes as a key component of their revenue stream to support basic governmental functions and programs. These taxes are generally "ad valorem" taxes, or taxes that are based upon property value. The actual tax amount levied is based upon the following:

  1. The assessment placed on the property
  2. The tax rate
  3. An individual property owner's eligibility for various exemptions

Differences of appraisal opinion can and do arise. Real property owners have a right to challenge their real estate assessments by filing an application for changed assessment with the Assessment Appeals Board. The key is to provide a well documented appraisal report by a qualified Real Estate Appraiser. Any property owner who disagrees with the assessed value (appraisal) of his/her property may file an appeal.

The procedures vary from State to State and also among the many local communities. Contact your local Assessor to find out about the specifics for your location. Each municipality has its own rules as local regulations differ as to things like taxable status dates, and documentation requirements, making an attempt at providing this information far beyond our capability.

These are not the best of times with real estate values declining at historic rates in many areas and many municipal property assessors are faced with an overwhelming workload as their departments are downsized and tax grievances increase in number. Property assessments for millions of properties throughout the nation no longer reflect their current market value resulting in real estate tax overpayments totaling billions of dollars.

Over 95% of people have no idea how to determine if they are being overcharged. The property taxing authorities do not want you to get curious about the value they place on your house and property. They do not have the time or manpower to establish accurate assessment figures and since less than one percent of the population appeal their taxes, why should they bother? Equalization or equal treatment is impossible and you have to check for overcharges yourself. One of the single, greatest savings at your disposal today is the potential savings on your property tax bill.

Contact us now for an appraisal on your property, to see if the assessed value is within reason.

You need to determine if you have a case at all, that is, if your home tax assessment is too high. The amount of your home tax assessment is what the town thinks your house and property are worth relative to other properties. This may or may not be an accurate figure. The National Taxpayers Union is credited as saying that as much as 60% of all property in America is over assessed.

You need proof of valuation for the tax year you are challenging your taxes. This is a yearly date which the taxing authorities call the annual assessment date. This annual assessment date precedes your annual deadline filing date. The sale dates of the comparable properties the appraiser selects must precede this assessment date. There are numerous guidelines that our appraisers must comply with: location, similar properties, condition of the sales, external, functional, and physical obsolescence.

All of our Appraisers are all fully licensed and insured. Appraisal is completed within all of the required guidelines.

Appraisal fee quotes are for the appraisal only. The appraisal will assist you in your property tax appeal, most of the time the appraiser is not needed to appear. If you will be requiring the appraiser to appear please notify us at the time of your appraisal order. Fees for appraisers to appear as an expert witness for your tax appeal vary. Most often an hourly charge, this is payable after the hearing, this also is not contingent on any reduction of your assessed value.

Click here to order your appraisal now. Please be sure to notify our staff that this will be for a property tax assessment appeal.

All information that we provide on our web site is of a general nature. It is not intended to address the circumstances of any particular individual or entity. Even though we strive to provide accurate and timely information, we do not guarantee that such information is accurate. No one should act upon such information without appropriate professional advice after a thorough examination of the facts of their particular situation. As appraisers we are not attorneys, tax professionals, financial planners or accountants. The above is not intended to give advice on legal, tax, financial planning, or accounting matters. Please check with your attorney, tax advisor, financial planner, and accountant for information regarding said matters.